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All-on-X Course

Featuring InstaRisa Digital Workflow and Facial Scanner Technology
For Advanced Doctors
Receive 45 hours of CE credit

Course Overview

To provide experienced doctors 4 days, full-immersion full-arch, immediate-load surgery training on a variety of All-on-X procedures. 

You, the doctor, will use the InstaRisa workflow and technology to take the records on Day One, do the surgery on Day Two and deliver the prosthesis on Day Three. You will do this twice and assist your partner in two additional surgeries so that by the time you return to your office you will be able to do this yourself. 

Each case has been screened, preplanned, and selected just for your skill level for the ultimate in personalized training.


2024 Course Dates

August 13th - 18th

All-on-X Implant Immersion Course

To introduce dental practitioners with experience in dental implant procedures to an opportunity to take their skills to the next level through preplanned, live surgeries utilizing the unique InstaRisa workflow. After completing this 4-day, full-immersion program, you should be able to complete full mouth AOX cases in your own practices with just your staff.
This exclusive educational opportunity is being offered for the first time ever on August 13-18 2024. This course runs Tuesday through Sunday, which includes 2 travel days. This course is limited to 20 participants and will fill up quickly so apply today.
The course is held at a state-of-the-art facility, built to USA Standards, in Puebla, Mexico. The property includes a 30,000 square-foot dental facility with 12 operatories, a professional dental clinic, a full dental lab, a modern comfortable hotel, a dining hall, a full rooftop gym and large conference room.


Fundamentals of the Digital Dentistry Workflow:
- Intake records acquisition using 3D Facial scanner and IOS
- Why 3D facial scanning is essential for full arch restorations
- Shortcomings of 2D photography for full arch restorations
- Facial scanners market overview and how they are all different
- Advantages of using a multi-functional facial scanner
- Use of IOS to capture precise implant position using InstaRisa components
- IOS full-arch scanning – HANDS ON
- Treatment plan using 3D facial scans and multiple lip positions
- Analog vs. Digital Workflows (with and without Photogrammetry)
- Records capture for Overdentures, Dentures, All-on-X
Bite Registration and VDO Adjustments:
- Proper techniques to capture bite registration
- Putty mush bite impression technique – HANDS ON
- Methods to verify establishment of proper VDO including techniques to correct inadequate VDO
- 3D Facial Scanning HANDS ON

Surgery Day Overview:
- Best practices for Alveoplasty and Osteotomy
- Placement and utilization of fiducial marker
- Surgical day records alignment options and techniques
- Protocols for All-on-X including immediate load prosthesis
- MUA Selection and how/when to switch

Case Management, Design and Manufacturing Options:
- Portal overview, case submission and lab communication
- Outsourced manufacturing vs. in-house lab
- Aesthetic and functional 3D smile design overview
- Fundamentals and best practices for milling, printing, stain & glaze and finishing preliminary and final restorations
- Screw channel design including direct to MUA vs. tibases

Practice Management:
- Patient consultation and scheduling
- Case acceptance and expectation setting best practices
- Billing, pricing and options to provide patients
- Practice marketing and handling inbound calls from new patients

Hands On Modules:
- Doctors will be provided a demonstration and hands-on experience on utilizing advanced digital technology including an IOS and 3D facial scanner.
- A Kois deprogrammer will be manufactured and delivered and adjusted so attending doctors will be able utilize predictably.

Surgical Objectives:
- Identify proper medical candidates for full jaw reconstruction with endosseous implants.
- Identify proper radiographic candidates for full jaw reconstruction with endosseous implants.
- Diagnosis and documentation of proper Terminal Dentition candidates for full jaw reconstruction.
- Radiographically evaluate proper CBCT images for structures required to place full jaw implants in both maxilla and mandible.
- Evaluate proper presurgical anxiolytics and antibiotics based on weight in Kg for full jaw reconstruction.
Identify proper clinical anatomic structures and sequence for planned surgical techniques required for ISRA workflow protocols.
- Evaluate soft tissue considerations for prosthesis and incision design used in ISRA workflows.
- Coordinate/Communicate with restorative team the planned occlusal scheme with exocad viewer prior to incision.
- Flap design with respect to ARS screw required for proper alignment of multiple scans used in ISRA workflow.
- Exodontia considerations for bone preservation and harvesting for planned bone grafting
- Proper bone reduction and shape for restoration longevity.
- Boney socket debridement tips and tricks.
- Implant size and length considerations necessary for immediate loading with total cumulative torque required.
- Implant brand considerations
- Initial pilot drill to osteotome to final drill sequence considerations.
- MUA selection and alignment to opposite arch.
- Suture techniques for proper - Scandar pickup impression.
- Final suture techniques
- Post operative pain control strategies.
- Home instructions following All-X surgeries
- Post operative imaging


- Pre-op record intake with the InstaRisa facial scanner
- Pre-op record intake with an intraoral scanner
- Pre-op CBCT records and pre-planning of the case (both guided and free hand)
- Surgical record intake with an intraoral scanner and ScanDAR and InstaRisa’s unique fiducials and scan bodies
- You will work with our lab techs to fabricate the prosthesis utilizing 3-D printing and milling
- Delivery of the prosthesis (next day)
- Marketing training on proper Next Day Reveal technique


Digital dentistry, while technology-driven, greatly benefits from direct hands-on experience. The live training section of the course underscores this, allowing participants to translate theoretical knowledge into practical applications. With guidance from experts, you’ll familiarize yourself with exocad and other digital tools, obtaining essential firsthand experience crucial for mastering these techniques.

This hands-on training ensures that you’re prepared to incorporate these advanced methods into your practice with assured proficiency.

Live Patient Demonstrations

Observing real-time procedures on live patients offers a unique and invaluable learning experience. The “Live Patient Demonstrations” segment showcases the practical application of digital dentistry methods.

Participants will see how technology integrates with traditional practices, observing patient interactions, diagnosis, and treatment processes. These demonstrations provide a practical understanding, ensuring you’re equipped to manage real-world situations with the benefit of digital tools at your side.

Live Patient Facial and IOS Training

Combining facial scanning with intraoral scanning (IOS) is fundamental in today’s dentistry. In this segment, participants receive hands-on training with live patients, focusing on capturing detailed facial and intraoral information.

This training underscores the significance of accuracy and patient comfort, enabling you to fully utilize digital scanning tools. By grasping the hands-on aspects of facial and IOS scanning, you can enhance the precision and efficiency of your diagnostic and treatment strategies.


Dr. Michael Wehrle

Dr. Wehrle graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in 1989. He immediately took a GPR at Worcester City Hospital and the University of Massachusetts Hospital. This began his constant pursuit of dental excellence through continuing education and resulted in him becoming a fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry while completing over 1000 hours of continuing education in both orthodontics and implants. Not only is Dr. Wehrle a member of the American Dental Association, American Orthodontic Society and Academy of General Dentistry, but he is also an Associate Fellow of the American Association of Implant Dentistry.

Dr. Wehrle founded the WIIC in 2014 as a way to train dentist in implantology and to fund his mission work in Puebla. The idea was to take the best technology from the United States, and bring it into Mexico, along with the best instructors from around the world to serve the needs of the people of Puebla by placing free implants in a professional and responsible fashion. It is important to know that since this is a ministry’s ALL the patients are restored to the same level as the patients in his own private practice.

Dr. Wehrle also believes that you must actually give back to and serve your fellow man. To this effect, he was a founding member of the BAM (Business as Mission) Center which houses the WIIC. The BAM Center serves the underprivileged of Puebla, Mexico through a water ministry, puppet evangelism ministry, micro-lending to business start-ups, orphanages and various construction projects. He also is the chairman of the Northeast Tarrant County Dental Clinic which serves underprivileged children in the Mid-Cities area between Dallas and Ft. Worth.

Dr. Achraf Souayah

Doctor in Dental Surgery, Diplomate from the Faculty of Dental Medicine of Monastir-Tunisia
He followed several Post-graduate courses in Implantology, Aesthetic Periodontology, Implant Prosthodontics, Advanced bone surgery, and complex oral rehabilitation.
Founder & Vice-President of ADIT (Tunisian Association of Implant Dentistry)
Fellow of the DGOI (German Society of oral implantology) and SENAME (South European North African Middle Eastern Implantology and Modern Dentistry Association).
MINEC Ambassador (MegaGen International Network of Education & Clinical Research)
Dental XP Xpert
National and International Lecturer in Periodontology, Implantology and Cosmetic dentistry.
Continuing education provider and live surgical training instructor (AIE Advanced Implant Educators and WIIC Werhle Implant Immersion Course)
Dr. Souayah maintains a private practice in Tunis where he limits his practice exclusively to Periodontics, Implantology and Esthetic dentistry.

Dr. Art Mirelez

Dr. Art Mirelez, DDS, FICOI, FAGD is CEO and Co-Founder of InstaRisa. He graduated from University of California, San Francisco Dental School and continued to University Medical Center, GPR. His thriving private practice in Clovis, CA opened in 2003 and is focused on dental implants. Dr. Mirelez is an experienced educator and has been a Kois center Mentor and Clinical Instructor since 2006. He brings a unique combination of clinical dentistry and technological innovation which will deliver pearls you can implement in your practice immediately.

Dr. Keith Klaus

While at UMMC, he excelled in his clinical training earning the Pierre Fauchard Undergraduate Certificate of Merit, The international Congress of Oral Implantologists’ Predoctoral Student Achievement Award, the American College of Prosthodontics Outstanding Undergraduate Achievement Award, and The Academy of Dental Materials Award. A lifelong student, Dr. Klaus has additional training in endodontics, and restoration, Dr. Klaus lectures nationally on fully digital workflows for full month dental implant rehabilitations.

Dr. Klaus is a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, International Congress of Oral Implantology, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists, the American Dental Association, and the Mississippi Dental Association.

Dr. Brokloff

Dr. Brokloff is a Board Certified Oral Surgeon practicing in Akron, Ohio. He has been in private practice since 1999. Dr. Brokloff has worked at many different practices including: Cleveland Clinic, Akron Children’s, and the Veterans Administration.


John Carroll University – B.S. Biological Science, 1990

The Ohio State University College of Dentistry: DDS – Cum Laude, 1994

Loyola University Chicago Medical Center – Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, 1999
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This all-inclusive program includes all your training, the implants needed for the live patient surgeries, your food and beverages, and shared accommodation lodging. It does not include airfare to and from Mexico.

Doctor $25,000
Assistant $5,000 each
Deposit: $2,000.00 (save spot, non-refundable)

Each course is limited to 20 participants only and tends to fill up quickly. Reservations for qualified applicants are approved on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, talk with an advisor at 817-992-9225.


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