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All-on-X Course

Featuring InstaRisa Digital Workflow and Facial Scanner Technology
For Advanced Doctors
Receive 45 hours of CE credit

Course Overview

To provide experienced doctors 4 days, full-immersion full-arch, immediate-load surgery training on a variety of All-on-X procedures. 

You, the doctor, will use the InstaRisa workflow and technology to take the records on Day One, do the surgery on Day Two and deliver the prosthesis on Day Three. You will do this twice and assist your partner in two additional surgeries so that by the time you return to your office you will be able to do this yourself. 

Each case has been screened, preplanned, and selected just for your skill level for the ultimate in personalized training.


All-on-X Implant Immersion Course

To introduce dental practitioners with experience in dental implant procedures to an opportunity to take their skills to the next level through preplanned, live surgeries utilizing the unique InstaRisa workflow. After completing this 4-day, full-immersion program, you should be able to complete full mouth AOX cases in your own practices with just your staff.
Our regular 4-day course is offered six times per year in conjunction with the normal WIIC courses, from Wednesday through Sunday, which includes 2 travel days. Each course is limited to 16 participants and fills up quickly so apply today.
The course is held at a state-of-the-art facility, built to USA Standards, in Puebla, Mexico. The property includes a 20,000 square-foot dental facility with 10 operatories, a professional dental clinic, a full dental lab, a modern comfortable hotel, a dining hall, a full rooftop gym and large conference room.
Over the course of 4 days, you will experience full-immersion training with live surgeries. The training includes lectures and hands-on training with an experienced instructor watching over your shoulder. You will perform at least two arches of All-on-X surgery (ideally with one guided and one free hand), including records intake and prosthetic placement from start to finish. You will also assist with two other arches of All-on-X surgery from start to finish. You receive 45 hours of CE credit.

Specific InstaRisa training will include:
- pre-op record intake with the InstaRisa facial scanner
- pre-op record intake with an intraoral scanner
- pre-op CBCT records and pre-planning of the case (both guided and free hand)
- surgical record intake with an intraoral scanner and ScanDAR and InstaRisa's unique fiducials and scan bodies
- you will work with our lab techs to fabricate the prosthesis utilizing 3-D printing and milling
- delivery of the prosthesis (next day)
- marketing training on proper Next Day Reveal technique
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This all-inclusive program includes all your training, the implants needed for the live patient surgeries, your food and beverages, and shared accommodation lodging. It does not include airfare to and from Mexico.

Doctor $20,995
Assistant $3,000 each
Deposit: $2,000.00 (save spot, non-refundable)

Each course is limited to 16 participants only and tends to fill up quickly. Reservations for qualified applicants are approved on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, talk with an advisor at 817-992-9225.


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Come and Greatly Increase Your Implant Knowledge Over 4 Days of Intense Live Dentistry.

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