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Dr. Tina Morehart D.D.S.

Only 2 months ago, I thought I would never place implants in my practice. But after taking the Implant Immersion Course with hands-on training, I'm more excited and confident than ever. Having the CBCT available to plan cases and review results was a great way to learn. The dental center is very clean and comfortable, and the food was awesome!! The clinical instructors for this course are amazing! I would repeat this course in a heartbeat!


I wanted to thank you for the experience of a lifetime. I have been a dentist for 20 plus years and was nervous about learning how to do implants and incorporating them into my practice. I see the shift with implants as being the new standard of care and I wanted to be on board. You made this course ideal for each of us students, all with various years of experience. I am amazed at how simple and fun it is to place implants. My fear is gone and replaced with confidence. My patients will greatly benefit and appreciate this type of care that I am now able to provide. Many of my patients just won't go see a specialist for implants so they lose out. But not anymore. Thank you so much!!!


I always told myself that I would not do implants and would just stick to all the other aspects of general dentistry as I believed it would be too hard for me, and better done by a specialist. When I heard about this course and the one-on-one guidance and instruction, I decided to give it a shot. It has by far been the best decision I have ever made. The course was above and beyond what I expected. The instructors were awesome, personable and very encouraging and I learned so much more than placing implants. I got to place implants and they were right there guiding me every step of the way. They don't leave you hanging in the dark but continue to provide guidance even after the course. Also, in the process, I made some wonderful friends. I can now proudly tell my patients I place implants and not just restore them. Take this course. You will not be disappointed.
The WIIC course was outstanding. I truly felt my skills at placing implants will allow my practice to grow and to be substantially improve for my patients.

Dr. Frisinger

Redmond, OR
Definitely recommend the course. This is my second time down and I will probably be back for more.

Dr. Baxter

Dalls, TX
I really enjoyed the course. 
I liked the training and especially Dr. Wehrle’s enthusiasm.

Dr. Baez

Parkland, FL
The Implant Immersion Course was the type of course I have always wanted to take for implant training. There was exposure to both simple and complex cases. The instructors were knowledgeable, helpful, and approachable…even after completing the course. It was the best CE experience and investment I have made in 34 years.

Dr. Robert Adair

Midwest City, OK
This course was phenomenal! The live surgeries have given me the confidence to successfully incorporate implants into my practice. It was also an amazing experience to be part of a program that was led by individuals who love Christ. The Center is a wonderful place offering a priceless service to the community and invaluable experience to the doctors.

Dr. Tammeka Nickleberry

Plano, TX
What an incredible weekend! I have grown, not only with assurance that I can successfully place dental implants, but gained immense confidence in my capabilities as a restorative practitioner. Thank you, Dr. Wehrle, Dr. McAnanay, Dr. Lorents and the incredible staff at the Center!

Dr. James Griffith

Oklahoma City, OK
This really was an excellent course! With the number of available cases and the ability to provide treatment at different surgical phases, it really covers everything you need to have the confidence to place implants in your office. The instructors are knowledgeable, attentivem and fun to work with.

Dr. Michael Fooshee

Dallas, TX
This course exceeded my expectations. Not only did I get hands-on training with confident experts, I also enjoyed a great sense of camaraderie with everyone and feel like I will have a supportive network of professionals for my future implant cases.

Dr. Kevin Freeman

Houston, TX
The teaching by instructors in the clinic was very good. The right amount of demonstration, advice, and education were blended well. I was exposed to treatment I have only read about. Support personnel at all levels were very respectful and helpful.

Dr. Jerry Kelly

Marshall, MO
I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in incorporating implant placement into their practice. Great instructors, nice people, and great facilities. The course was informative and I also had a good time.

Dr. Steven Baxter

Kansas City, MO
I have been practicing for 30 years and this is my best experience in dentistry! I have a renewed sense of excitement about my profession. The trainers were amazing and so encouraging.

Dr. Robert Wiese

Ft Worth, TX
I would definitely consider another class. The support staff was knowledgeable and had a “more than one way to skin a cat” philosophy, which I greatly appreciated.

Dr. Matthew Mansfield

Willow Springs, MO
The new professional acquaintances with fellow students and doctors was a breath of fresh air. The Christian fellowship opened the door for friendships that will carry on.

Dr. Steven Brock

Knoxville, TN
This course immersed us in the material totally with lecture, discussion, and the clinic. I can go to my office and plan, prepare sites, and place implants. The actual hands-on placement and experience was very valuable. Great experience in clinic.

Dr. Timothy Oaks

Ft Worth, TX
This was an amazing experience. I learned more in the last four days than I ever thought I could about implants, bone grafting, and tissue care. On top of all that, to be able to help people and give them wonderful dental care is awesome!

Dr. Lorenzo Neilson

Leawood, KS
I was very happy to have the opportunity to take this wonderful course with a lot of enrichment in dentistry and humanity. I want to say thank you very much to the instructors and everyone at the clinic, hotel, and cafeteria. It was an amazing experience for me, thank you and God bless for the wonderful service and people in Puebla.

Dr. Kesaman

Parkland, FL
What a wonderful thing you have done. It is a win, win !! Everything was beyond my expectations. Scott and Ike were incredible to work with as were the doctors and staff who assisted us and all the staff at the BAM center.

Dr. Roger Smith

Birmingham, AL

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