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Dentistry with a Cause

Ultra Modern Dental Group

Ultra Modern Dental Group is a professional dental company, located in the BAM Center, that exists to provide excellent dental care while serving the community in need around them. Dr. Michael Wehrle began this company in June 2011 with the heart and passion to bring others to Christ through professional dental care.

Ultra Modern Dental donates its services to the needy people from within the city as well as those from rural villages. Additionally, the services provided take care of the dental needs of orphans on a regular basis. Every implant we place during our course is free for our patients.

The Mission

Our goal is to continuously deliver equipment and send professionals to help train Mexican dentists who donate their time helping those who cannot pay for their own dental care. All profits go to help those in need in Mexico and the U.S.

By participating in implant courses, you help our team reach more lives.

Our Partners, Donors, and Collaborators

The world’s leading implant-centered training facility.

Come and Greatly Increase Your Implant Knowledge Over 4 Days of Intense Live Dentistry.

Talk with an Advisor: 817-992-9225
Home Office: 1345 Precinct Line Road, Hurst, TX 76053
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